Home Health in Utah




What is Home Health?


Home Health allows you or a loved one to receive needed medical care in your home when you are not able to leave your home to receive the care.


How can I qualify?


You must have a need or skill that is medical necessary and ordered by you physician.

Skills include, but are not limited to:



  • Management and Evaluation of Plan of Care - If many conditions are affecting you or a loved one and nurse may be able to come in and manage your care while your are going through a unstable period.

  • Observation and Assessment - If your physician has made a change in your care and feels a nurse if needed to assess the change, a nurse may come in as long as there is a change in condition.

  • Teaching - If your physician feels you may need teaching regarding a new Diagnosis or more teaching regarding a current diagnosis, a nurse may be able to come in and provide the needed teaching to you or your family.

  • Procedures - If you have something that requires the nurse to perform, a nurse may be able to come in and perform those procedures (i.e. injections, Catheter changes, Wound care, etc)

Physical Therapy

  • Teaching and working with you or your loved one with Gait training, Balance issues, Transfer training, Modalities (Electric Stimulation, Ultrasound, etc), Establishing a Home Exercise Program so that you can continue to progress or maintain your level of functioning at home.


Speech therapy

  • Teaching and working with you and your loved one with issues with difficulty of swallowing or speaking.

You must be homebound:

Most insurance companies require that you are homebound, this does not mean that you can not leave your home, but that in so doing it is a very taxing effort, usually requiring the assist of another person, and that absences from your home are infrequent and of short duration.



How do I get started?


Contact a Home Health Agency

Home Health Agencies must obtain an order from your Physician.  Some agencies will come out and explain everything to you in more detail and help you contact your physician, but everything they do must be approved by your physician. 


Contact your Physician

Let your physician know that you would like to see if you or your loved one would qualify for home health care and he/she will be able to set up a Home Health evaluation.

Agencies in Utah: 



A great site for finding out information on agencies in Utah is www.ua4hc.org.  This is the Utah Association for Home Care site.  The site has an agency search.  While not all agencies are located on this site (members of UAHC only), it will let you search by county.